• Trips from Baile Felix Spa

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    Statiunea Baile Felix
  • Baile Felix Spa Resort

    Baile Felix resort is the most visited and well-known spa from all over Romania, being also internationally known. Situated at 8 km from Oradea City, Baile Felix spa offers swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor, natural attractions such as the Lake with Water Lilies, the pothole in Betfia. There are also a great number of hotels, clubs and restaurants, Baile Felix resort being an ideal place for tourists in any period of the year, but mostly during the summer time. Details...
    Statiunea Baile Felix
  • Trip to the Bears Cave.
    The Bears Cave was discovered in 1975 and the access for the tourists was possible in 1980. It has a length of 1500 meters, 521 meters being declared scientific reservation. The superior level, of 488 meters is the only available for the tourists, where we can admire the karsts formations which made the cave well known all over the world. Details...
  • Trip to Nyiregyhaza Zoo
    The Nyiregyhaza Zoo is located 5 km north of Nyiregyhaza, area which also includes the beach, the spa, the pool, the open air museum... Details...
    Trip to Budapest.
    Pest, we will visit the Heroes Plaza, the City Park, the Hunyadi Castle, Andrasi Boulevard, the Opera,... Detali...
  • Hotel International - Baile Felix
    International Hotel**** in Baile Felix, the emblem of the resort, 4 stars hotel, proves to be the best choice for an unforgettable holiday. The hotel was awarded EUROSPA Med, an international mark of quality which represents an international recognition of quality for the therapeutic services provided. International Hotel is the first spa complex in Romania. Details...
    Baile Felix Hotel International
  • Baile Felix - "Strandul Apolo"
    The Apolo spa resort maintains it's activity trough all the year and it's one of the most visited thermal water spas in Romania. You will find here 4 thermal water pools one of them being an indoor pool, all of them correspond to European standards offering it's clients a good time. You will find here massage services, sauna, underwater showers and more Details...
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Baile Felix Spa Resort

Alt OviiIn the present time Baile Felix is the biggest spa resort in Romania that functions all year round, situated near Oradea. The thermal waters in Baile Felix have a temperature between 20 and 49 degrees, and by this factor the resort can stay open all the time. Baile Felix offers over 7000 accommodations in it's vast network of hotels, indoor and out door swimming pools, video game arcades, sports terrains, cinemas and much more. Baile Felix is an international known spa resort.

The climate and the nearby forest creates an ideal state of relaxation trough all the year making it ideal for treatments, and the good part is the outdoor swimming pools are open no mater what the weather is like.

tratament balneo baile felixThe therapeutic proprieties of the thermal waters from Baile Felix play a significant role in the development of treatment centers. Curative factors can be fount in the mineral waters used at Baile Felix, bicarbonate, sulfate, calcium, sodium or oligometalic or therapeutic mud.
For the treatment they use the applications of hot mud with paraffin, pools with thermal water, water installations elongations, medical gyms, electro and hydro therapy and indoor or outdoor swimming pools.
Felix's thermal waters are used to treat rheumatic disorders, central and peripheral neurological diseases, disorders and post traumatic others.