• Trips from Baile Felix Spa

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    Statiunea Baile Felix
  • Baile Felix Spa Resort

    Baile Felix resort is the most visited and well-known spa from all over Romania, being also internationally known. Situated at 8 km from Oradea City, Baile Felix spa offers swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor, natural attractions such as the Lake with Water Lilies, the pothole in Betfia. There are also a great number of hotels, clubs and restaurants, Baile Felix resort being an ideal place for tourists in any period of the year, but mostly during the summer time. Details...
    Statiunea Baile Felix
  • Trip to the Bears Cave.
    The Bears Cave was discovered in 1975 and the access for the tourists was possible in 1980. It has a length of 1500 meters, 521 meters being declared scientific reservation. The superior level, of 488 meters is the only available for the tourists, where we can admire the karsts formations which made the cave well known all over the world. Details...
  • Trip to Nyiregyhaza Zoo
    The Nyiregyhaza Zoo is located 5 km north of Nyiregyhaza, area which also includes the beach, the spa, the pool, the open air museum... Details...
    Trip to Budapest.
    Pest, we will visit the Heroes Plaza, the City Park, the Hunyadi Castle, Andrasi Boulevard, the Opera,... Detali...
  • Hotel International - Baile Felix
    International Hotel**** in Baile Felix, the emblem of the resort, 4 stars hotel, proves to be the best choice for an unforgettable holiday. The hotel was awarded EUROSPA Med, an international mark of quality which represents an international recognition of quality for the therapeutic services provided. International Hotel is the first spa complex in Romania. Details...
    Baile Felix Hotel International
  • Baile Felix - "Strandul Apolo"
    The Apolo spa resort maintains it's activity trough all the year and it's one of the most visited thermal water spas in Romania. You will find here 4 thermal water pools one of them being an indoor pool, all of them correspond to European standards offering it's clients a good time. You will find here massage services, sauna, underwater showers and more Details...
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Touristic Attraction in Baile Felix Spa
Read more...Apollo swimming pools
Apollo swimming pools, or the “Strandul Apollo” is an area with a number of pools with permanent activity, regardless of season or legal holidays. Tourist can take a day off and enjoy the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters found in Baile Felix spa resort all year long.

The Apollo complex
offers it’s visitors access to three outdoor swimming pools, two for adults and one for kids and an indoor pool that tourists can enjoy any time of the year. The indoor pool is the ideal place to take the kids swimming even in the winter and not expose them to cold weather.  The Apollo complex has a wardrobe, showers, tanning salon and a tunnel for easy access during the winter season.

Read more...Felix swimming pools.

“Strandul Felix” is a modern tourist hot spot with many swimming pools that can be found in Baile Felix resort. This is the largest public swimming pool spot in the entire resort and the quality of the services and thermal waters are all according to European standards. The entire Felix swimming pool complex was rebuilt in 2008 and the auxiliary building were renovated in 2009.

“Strandul Felix”, provides the best conditions for tourist families to spend a fun and relaxing day . At the self-service restaurant, the resorts customers can enjoy a nice meal and a refreshing drink during the very hot days. For those that enjoy a thrill, Felix provides three water slides of various sizes..

The thermal waters found in the Felix swimming pools have therapeutic properties and are fantastic for people of all ages. The wave pool is a special attraction that let’s children enjoy the waves, although they are far away from the sea.

Read more...Baile Felix Wooden Church.”.

The Wooden Church of Baile Felix was set in Baile Felix in the year 1785 in the place of an older similar church. Originally, the church was built in the town of Brusturi and was brought to Oradea in the year 1961 where it was reassembled in the yard of the Museum of Oradea. Nowadays the Church can be found in the center of Baile Felix Spa Resort.
Due to the different alterations that the church has gone through, the largest part of it’s paintings and murals have suffered damage, thus, not much of the original design of the church exists.
The Inscription on the upper part of the door of Baile Felix Wooden Church reminds us of the moment the church was built and it said translated into english: “The years of the  Lord 1785 in the month of may, in four days, on a Saturday. Craftsman Toadere".

The swimming pool with waves from 1 Mai.

The swiming pool with waves from 1 Mai is the oldes pool of it's kind in Romania, and tourist come to it from all over the world. The engineer that mooves the water was build by early engineer and it still starts at the sound of the bell, sound that atracts all the tourists to the pool.
The waters from this pool reaches a temperature about 26 degrees, and it attracts tourists of all ages. The swimming pool is situated in the middle of nature, next to it there is a large forest, and offering about 600 places for tourists to lay on the clean cut grass. You will find here food drinks at one of three therases specially built for tourist.

The natural reservation from 1 Mai.

This nature reserve is unique in Europe and the world and provides habitat for three species protected by law: thermal water lily, fish and snail Melanesians Rudd's Racovita Parreyssi. In this natural reserve of thermal water lily survived naturally.
Peta Creek Nature Reserve is a place famous in Romania and Europe due to the thermal waters of 30 degrees that led to the preservation of these three protected species.

Vertical cave from "Betfia".

Vertical cave in Betfia, called "Crater of Betfia" is a phenomenon of the karst hill located at 346 m Somleului Baile 1 Mai, with a depth of 86 meters and a vertical drop of almost 54 meters.
Betfia's Vertical cave was formed presumably due to water levels in bays Neogene by the corrosive effects of water below which there was this massive limestone. Betfia pothole has two entrances, one open by dynamite in 1898 and another secondary, open all the dynamite in 1957 by I. Urs.